Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Surgery

NEW YORK (May 22, 2014) –Pre wedding cosmetic consultations are becoming a popular way for brides to prepare for upcoming events. Hoping to improve their look, a greater number of women are reaching out to plastic surgeons and aestheticians.
New York-based, cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg has introduced a pre-wedding cosmetic surgery and med-spa package that provides a time chart for procedures and healing.
“The key to attaining your best event look begins with proper planning,” says Greenberg. “Five to three months prior to your special day is a great time to consider what it is that will make you look and feel your best”.
Dr. Greenberg’s guide gives brides-to-be a time frame for both surgical procedures and noninvasive options for skin care and hair removal up to three days before the wedding. By providing women with time parameters Dr. Greenberg’s plan is accommodating the growing number of women interested in cosmetic procedures for their wedding day.
The Spa @Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery now also offers spray tanning so you can have that extra glow in time to look your best for any event big or small.
About Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg
Stephen T. Greenberg, MD is a nationally recognized cosmetic plastic surgeon based in New York. Dr. Greenberg is well-known for his expertise in the field, and the author of the book A little Nip, A little Tuck. He is often a featured speaker at women’s groups, spas, and health and skin care institutes, and regularly appears on many local and national television and radio shows. He is also the creator of the Cosmetic Surgeon in a Jar skin care line. In addition, Dr. Greenberg hosts his own weekly radio talk-show; the only regularly scheduled cosmetic surgery show in the country, on a number of New York area stations.