Plastic Surgery Financing

Placing Cosmetic Surgery within Your Reach

CareCredit® is a popular financing option for many people looking to invest in cosmetic surgery procedures. This credit card is specifically designed to help you pay for health and beauty treatments, and their promotional offers can help you avoid paying interest by making minimum monthly payments or by paying off the full balance before the promotion ends. Getting an answer to the question ‘how does cosmetic surgery financing work?” can be difficult, but CareCredit® makes it easy. To learn more about how CareCredit® can help you pay for treatments such as liposuctionbreast augmentationmale breast reduction, and other cosmetic surgery procedures, please contact our office today.

Are you looking for tummy tuck financing or help paying for a breast augmentation?  Look no further than ALPHAEON CREDIT.  ALPHAEON CREDIT is a financing program that can assist individuals in financing their plastic surgery procedures. The program offers a variety of plans, including special financing options for any purchase over $250, and revolving credit lines up to $25,000. These plans have low monthly payments and flexible terms, making it more manageable for patients to pay for the cost of surgery.