The Holiday season is in full gear and you will surely be invited to many celebrations. If you want to avoid putting on those pesky extra Holiday pounds here are a few tips from to help you navigate the buffet line!
1. Mixed Nuts- take it easy, have a small sampling but keep it to a minimum so as to not load up on calories and fat.
2. Veggies with Ranch Dressing- try the vegetables without the dressing, they can be just as yummy naked or with a tiny scoop of hummus.
3. Cheese & Crackers- cheese is high in fat and calories, crackers are high in calories- go back to the vegetables!
4. Spiced Cider- it might taste great but its packed with calories. Treat yourself to one small glass and then switch to seltzer with a lime or lemon wedge
Remember, sometimes we eat just to eat and not because were hungry. Beware of the difference and your Holidays will be happier!