Cosmetic surgery surge

Cosmetic surgeons across the country are reporting an increase in clients seeking cosmetic work during the pandemic.

Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg featured on FOX5NY Good Day New York

Coronavirus News: Experiencing fask mask acne, irritation? Here’s what’s causing it and how to treat it

Eyewitness News

It’s a cosmetic casualty of the coronavirus pandemic: acne or irritation on the skin around one’s face mask. It’s a condition that’s being called “maskne.”

In protecting against COVID-19, sometimes the skin suffers

News Day

Dermatologists said they are seeing more skin irritations such as acne and dermatitis as people wear masks and other personal protective equipment for long periods of time — especially in the heat — during the coronavirus pandemic.

SWEET TEETH! RHOBH’s Dorit Kemsley gets shiny new veneers as latest housewife to undergo lockdown makeover

The U.S. Sun

Dorit posted on Instagram: “I’ve only ever known what’s it like to have straight teeth. “I was so fortunate my whole life, I never needed braces and I took good care of my teeth so didn’t have many cavities.”

Kellyanne Conway and other celebs who look like they had plastic surgery


By the looks of some virtual appearances from celebs and public figures, quarantine may have been prime time for secretly getting a little work done. Now is the sweet spot for famous folk to “hide and heal” after treatments including Botox and facelifts, especially as doctors’ offices are starting to open.

Plastic surgeon reveals how to get a body like Kim Kardashian

Page Six

Kim Kardashian showed off a wildly curvaceous figure at the Met Gala, which had fans buzzing over how she achieved an unreal hourglass figure. Some wild theories suggested she had ribs removed to create a whittled waist. (Kardashian’s trainer has insisted the look was mostly thanks to good old-fashioned exercise.)

Young people face difficulty in modern generation

Somoma State Star

“Frequently people are looking to be more competitive…they want to be able to compete with their own generation and also older people, so they are getting either minor or major procedures to give them an advantage in the workforce,” Long Island-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stephen Greenberg.