Non-Surgical Options Video


At his cosmetic practice in Long Island and Manhattan, Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S offers several non-invasive options such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and laser treatments to give patients a great cosmetic result without surgery.

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There are so many new procedures that I perform in my office that allow a patient to have a great cosmetic result without having surgery. Whether we’re talking about lines and wrinkles of the face, we can do injections, like Botox®. We can do Restylane®, Perlane®, JUVÉDERM®, or many other types of injections to rejuvenate the face without surgery. We also can use a lot of the state of the art technology that’s currently available, such as the non- invasive lasers. These non-invasive lasers can help get rid of crow’s feet, actually lift up the skin, do almost like a facelift without having a surgical procedure. I tighten up jaw lines, tighten up jowls, and lift up eyebrows with some of these non-invasive procedures, such as Refirmeâ„¢, and Polarisâ„¢, and something called Trinitiâ„¢. There’s a whole host of non-invasive lasers that we utilize in my skin care centers to rejuvenate the face without undergoing the knife. These non- invasive procedures can often be used in conjunction with a surgical procedure to even give a better result. Other non-invasive lasers that we utilize in my office include such things as Velashapeâ„¢. Velashapeâ„¢ is fantastic to get rid of those pesky cellulite areas, and it actually helps to reduce you in inches as well. So, the current technology that’s now available enables me to rejuvenate the face, to lift the face, to get rid of cellulite, get rid of extra hair, veins, or marks on the face without surgical procedures, and have patients do that on their lunch hour and back to work right away.