Mole Removal

Medical and Cosmetic Mole Removal

There are an array of reasons why you may be considering the removal of a mole or skin tag. Some patients are concerned that a mole may contain cancerous cells, while others are unsatisfied with the aesthetic effects that a skin growth has on the face or body. Whether you are seeking mole removal for medical or cosmetic reasons, Dr. Greenberg, a Long Island, NY, board-certified plastic surgeon, can safely remove the mole or lesion with finesse. Dr. Greenberg has the expertise and experience necessary to help limit scarring, promote successful healing, and assist his patients in achieving their desired results.

The Removal Procedure

During your initial consultation with Dr. Greenberg, he will evaluate the size, appearance, and color of the mole. Then you will discuss which type of removal and reconstruction treatment is best for you. If your mole is malignant, Dr. Greenberg can coordinate with your dermatologist to create a treatment plan that improves both appearance and health.

Removal options include surgical excision, scraping, and shaving. Dr. Greenberg may also use a technique called Mohs surgery that will utilize the plasticity of your skin to reconstruct the treated area, minimizing scarring and delivering beautiful results. Mohs involves removing one very thin layer of tissue at a time until the mole and any cancerous cells have been eliminated. This specialized treatment is typically performed on cancerous or potentially cancerous lesions, and moles on sensitive areas such as the face. The success rate for complete skin cancer removal using Mohs surgery is exceptionally high.

Benefits of Mole Removal

In addition to removing moles and lesions for medical reasons, there are cosmetic benefits of the treatment which include:

  • Less Skin Irritation: Moles that protrude above the surface of the skin may rub against clothing or jewelry, causing irritation.
  • Improved Self-confidence: Moles may appear in a variety of colors, including blue, black, and brown. Mole size can also vary, causing patients to feel self-conscious, especially if a mole appears on a prominent part of the body. Mole removal can boost patients’ self-esteem and free them from the hassle of worrying about concealing a mole.
  • Easier Shaving: If a large mole is located on the face or legs, it can make shaving more difficult, and may result in lacerations, longer shaving times, and frustration.

Will I Have a Scar?

One of the biggest concerns after mole removal is the possibility of scarring, particularly if a lesion is removed from the face. By choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience and a reputation for being one of the best cosmetic practitioners in Long Island, patients can rest assured that the doctor will deliver the best results possible.

While scarring is not 100 percent unavoidable, Dr. Greenberg is a perfectionist, dedicated to preserving the aesthetics of your skin. He will utilize his vast knowledge of cosmetic surgical techniques to minimize scarring and ensure that you are pleased with the outcome.

Dr. Greenberg has the expertise and experience necessary to help limit scarring, promote successful healing, and assist his patients in achieving their desired results.