Breast Augmentation Can Provide the Fuller, Rounder Look You Desire

If you would like to enhance your bust line with breast augmentation, our practices, serving Long Island, Manhattan, Woodbury, The Hamptons and Boca Raton, FL areas can deliver the results you desire.

Breast augmentation is a very common plastic surgical procedure that is designed to enlarge (and if necessary, lift) the breasts. Breast augmentation is most commonly performed on women who are unhappy with their breast size, symmetry, or the “droop” of their breasts. The age range of women seeking breast augmentation has a wide range from 18 to 70 years old! If you desire larger, shapelier, or more symmetrical breasts, you are likely a breast augmentation candidate.

Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S performs a large number of breast augmentations in New York each week, using state of the art techniques! He takes pride in obtaining the most outstanding results possible. Dr. Greenberg believes that the best results in natural breast augmentation can be obtained by individualizing the procedure to the specific body, breast type and shape. Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S has been recognized as an expert in breast augmentation by such magazines and newspapers as Cosmopolitan, Health Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, The New York Times, Newsday and many others.

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If You’re Considering Breast Augmentation…

Breast augmentation (augmentation mammaplasty), is a surgical procedure to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breast.

Breast Augmentation is Used to:

  • Correct and enhance the body contour of a woman who feels that her breast size is too small
  • Correct a reduction in breast shape or volume after pregnancy
  • Balance a difference in breast size
  • Lift the breast in a patient with only a minimal droop

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Greenberg is able to perform breast augmentation in most patients with minimal or no visible scars! Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S has perfected the breast augmentation procedure so that the scars are usually undetectable. There are a variety of incisions that can be used for the breast augmentation procedure, including under the breast (infra-mammary), around the nipple (peri-areolar), under the arm (transaxillary), and through the belly button (transumbilical). The short infra-mammary incision has the advantage of the scar healing exceptionally well. In the majority of patients, the incision cannot be detected. This incision also offers better long-term results and perhaps lower overall complication rates. Dr. Greenberg often uses the short infra-mammary incision that usually heals without a visible scar. Choosing the right surgeon is especially important to the success of breast augmentation, and we invite you to learn more about the characteristics and qualifications you should demand.

Breast Augmentation Consultation

Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S takes pride in taking his time to explain each and every procedure in great detail. He reviews all of your options for breast augmentation and breast lift surgery. He will show you preoperative and postoperative pictures of breast augmentation patients, review your anatomy, and discuss with you how he can make you look your best.

Woman with Breast Augmentation

Dr. Greenberg takes great care in making your breasts the best that they can be.
The finest possible results begin with a caring and thoughtful initial breast augmentation consultation. Dr. Greenberg’s team of specialized nurses will spend a great deal of time reviewing the best contour and breast size, which fits your specific body type. You will be seen in one of his state-of-the-art, beautifully appointed breast augmentation centers, either on Long Island, Woodbury, Manhattan, NY, or in Boca Raton FL. At our practices we operate with Vectra XT the complete 3D imaging solution for body, breast and face. This visual simulator is used to provide our patients with a visual image of themselves to explore the exciting possibilities of the aesthetic procedure, and help achieve their personal goals.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Greenberg will go over the breast augmentation surgery with you in detail. All of the preoperative instructions will be given and explained to you, so that you feel completely comfortable with the procedure. Your breast augmentation will be performed in Dr. Greenberg’s fully accredited ambulatory center, where only the best care will be provided to you. Dr. Greenberg uses a variety of types of breast implants depending on the specific patient’s needs and desires. It is of utmost importance to obtain the most natural look possible!

Dr. Greenberg believes that the best results can be obtained when the procedure, implant type, location, and size are individualized to meet the specific patient’s body type and desire! In some cases, natural breast augmentation may be recommended for patients who want to use their own fatty tissue rather than breast implants.

Stop Smoking

It is very important that you stop smoking about 6 weeks prior to your surgery. This will significantly cut down on the possibility of breast augmentation risks. Smoking will affect incision healing. It constricts blood vessels preventing oxygen from easily getting to the area. This can either slow or even stop the healing process. Researchers have also done studies and found that people who smoke are more prone to incision infections. Smoking can also lead to blood clots near the incision, loosened stitches, skin graft failure and lengthier recovery.

Patient education is important to the success of all plastic surgery, including breast augmentation. We invite you to read our answers to frequently asked questions about the procedure.

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Find out more about breast implants and breast augmentation services provided by Dr. Greenberg.

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Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg performs a large number of breast augmentation procedures in Manhattan, NYC, Long Island, and Woodbury each week.


Breast Implant Shapes

woman with Breast Augmentation feeling her augmented breasts

Just the Right Contour

If you are considering breast augmentation, it is very important to choose the correct breast implant shape. Plastic surgeon Stephen Greenberg can provide expert advice based upon your personal goals and desires. Dr. Greenberg has helped women from around the world achieve the ample, shapely bust lines they have always wanted. There are many variables involved in breast implants, and shape is one of the most crucial. Dr. Greenberg can recommend the appropriate shape to achieve the youthful, robust contour you envision, based upon your desires, the current shape and size of your breasts, and other factors. Today, the Internet is rich with information and opinions on breast implant shapes, but a face-to-face consultation with a leading plastic surgeon is the absolute best way to make the right choice. Contact our practice today to learn which breast implant shape will best suit you.

Implant Placement

Regardless of whether you choose subglandular implant placement (placement of the implant above the pectoral muscle) or submuscular placement (partial placement of the implant below the pectoral muscle), the shape of the implant you choose will make a difference in the enhanced shape of your breasts. We invite you to learn more about breast implant placement.

Teardrop-shaped Implants

When viewing the profile of the breast, you will notice that it has a teardrop-like shape. Gravity pulls most of the breast mass downward, and it becomes slimmer toward the collar bone. Teardrop-shaped implants are designed to follow this natural contour, while achieving the desired enlargement. Many women feel that these implants achieve a more natural-looking enhancement than round implants. However, teardrop-shaped breast implants do present a unique risk of shifting out of place, distorting the enhanced shape of the breasts. Teardrop-shaped implants are typically textured on the outside to prevent any shifting from taking place. Teardrop-shaped implants are available in saline or silicone. Gummy bear implants are only available in a teardrop shape. Teardrop-shaped implants typically cost more than round implants; gummy bear implants tend to cost more than their saline and silicone counterparts.

Round Implants

The shape of round implants helps women to maintain the bust shape originally achieved through their surgery. With no discernible top, bottom, front, or back, round breast implants can shift into any position without altering the breast shape. Some women believe that round implants fail to achieve a natural-looking breast shape, while others are quite pleased with the results. In fact, round implants will adopt a contour akin to that of a teardrop-shaped implant because of the effects of gravity. But again, if shifting occurs, the implant will adjust, and the shape of the breast will not be affected. Round implants typically cost less than teardrop-shaped implants

Breast Implant Placement

Planning Your Bust Enhancement
If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S can help determine which method of breast implant placement will best meet your goals. Our practice provides both subglandular placement (placement of the implant below the breast tissue) and submuscular placement (placement of the implant below the pectoral muscle). Both methods have exclusive advantages, and Dr. Greenberg will take careful note of your goals and concerns to determine whether submuscular or subglandular implant placement will help you achieve the bust line you desire. To learn more about these methods of breast implant placement, contact our practice serving Manhattan, Woodbury, Long Island, The Hamptons, and Boca Raton, FL.

Subglandular Implant Placement
Subglandular implants are placed above the pectoral muscle, but below the breast tissue. Many women choose this option because it creates a more dramatic enhancement, giving the breasts a size and contour that provide ample cleavage. Women whose breasts are naturally far apart often choose subglandular placement as a way to bring the breasts closer together when wearing low-cut clothing. Subglandular placement is also a popular choice among athletic or active women, because it won’t affect their muscles. Submuscular implants can shift and look unnatural when the pectoral muscles are flexed.

On the other hand, subglandular implants are more likely to eventually develop capsular contracture, a condition in which the scar tissue that naturally develops around the implant becomes excessively tight. This can eventually cause the implant to take on a distorted and unnatural shape, or to rupture.

Submuscular Implant Placement
A submuscular implant is placed below the pectoral muscle. Submuscular placement is frequently chosen when a women wishes to achieve a more subtle enhancement. This choice is particularly effective for women who have naturally small breasts, or who have especially thin or small frames. Submuscular placement is also more effective at concealing any rippling that may occur in the implant.

The recovery time involved in placing a submuscular implant was once considered a disadvantage, but new techniques employed at our practice have made this a much less relevant factor. Through traditional means, submuscular breast implant placement involved a longer, more painful recovery time than an augmentation based on subglandular placement. Dr. Greenberg now offers breast augmentation surgery that involves a 24-hour recovery period following either placement option. This is made possible using the “mini-incision” approach to create the “pocket,” or area within the breast that will hold the breast implant. This approach sets the stage for much faster recovery than is usually required with a traditional approach.

If you are considering breast augmentation, the surest way to determine which method of breast implant placement is best suited to your needs and goals is to schedule an in-depth consultation with a reputable, credentialed cosmetic surgeon.

Breast Implant Sizes

There are many options to consider if you are considering a breast augmentation procedure. Finding the right doctor, deciding on a type of implant, and choosing an implant size are just a few of the important factors you will need to research before scheduling your surgery. The team at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery can help you to understand the differences between types of implants and breast implant sizes at any of our Long Island, Manhattan, Hamptons, and Boca Raton, FL offices. To learn more about the procedure and available sizes of breast implants, please contact our office to make an appointment with Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg.

Choosing the Right Size Implant

Choosing the right breast implant size is not as simple as deciding what cup size you would like to be. Implant sizing is measured by volume, not cup size, and there are many different factors to consider when choosing the appropriate one to meet your aesthetic goals.

When you come in for your initial consultation with Dr. Greenberg, he will take a series of measurements to analyze the dimensions of your chest, amount of natural breast tissue, and your skin laxity. These numbers will determine the volume, width, and projection of implants you will be able to support. Simply put, an implant’s width cannot exceed the width of the breast, and the projection or profile of the implant cannot exceed the skin’s ability to stretch. At our practices we operate with Vectra XT the complete 3D imaging solution for body, breast and face. This visual simulator is used to provide our patients with a visual image of themselves to explore the exciting possibilities of the aesthetic procedure, and help achieve their personal goals.

Breast implants are measured by volume, typically in cubic centimeters. Implants of the same volume come in different shapes, widths, and textures, so the only way to determine which combination of options will be right for you is to speak with a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

It is important to choose an implant that will give you the bust line that you desire, but also one that the dimensions of your chest will be able to support. Gummy bear implants are a great option for many women; however, some women may prefer a rounder appearance. When Dr. Greenberg records the measurements of your chest, he will create an established guideline for implant width that will be optimal for your body type, as well as cosmetic goals.

The projection of the implants refers to the forward profile from the chest, or the distance, in relation to the base of the implant. A higher projection implant will create a more prominent silhouette than a lower one. Implants of the same width come in differing projections and volumes.

In addition to volume, width, and projection, breast implants also come in different shapes and textures. Some women prefer round implants while others prefer teardrop-shaped because they feel they more closely resemble the appearance of a natural breast. Implants can have a smooth or textured surface. Smooth implants are used most frequently since they are softer and do not ripple as easily. A textured material is used to keep teardrop-shaped implants vertically aligned. This prevents them from rotating and distorting the appearance of the breast.


Silicone Implants

A Supple, Natural Feel

Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S provides silicone breast implants at his practice. Many women choose silicone implants because they provide the feel and appearance of natural breast tissue. Breast augmentation and breast reconstruction are procedures that can have a profound effect on a woman’s figure, clothing options, and self-esteem.

The kind of breast implant chosen for breast augmentation is central to the outcome, so it is very important to understand the unique attributes of silicone, saline, and the new gummy bear implants. To learn more about silicone implants and how they can help you achieve the bust line you desire, please contact our offices today.

The first silicone breast implant was developed in 1963. Over the years, the design has been refined to create a very realistic feel and shape, reduce the risk of rupture, and achieve other improvements. General use of silicone implants came to a widespread, but temporary, halt in 1992 when the Food and Drug Administration voiced concerns over their safety. However, the FDA rescinded its moratorium in 2006, after several of the studies that prompted the original health concerns were discredited.

All varieties of breast implants contain at least some silicone, which makes up the pliable outer shell. Strictly speaking, a silicone implant refers to an implant that contains a sticky, thick silicone gel that is designed to feel like natural breast tissue and achieve a natural-looking outward appearance. Silicone implants are available in a range of sizes, and may be either round or teardrop-shaped. They are often textured to reduce the risk of shifting within the breast pocket.

Silicone breast implants provide what many women believe is the most natural feel and appearance. The consistency of the saline gel presses outward, preventing the “rippling” effect that can occur with saline implants. This characteristic makes silicone implants an excellent choice for thin women or women who wish to undergo breast reconstruction.

No implants are expected to last forever. When a silicone implant ruptures, it can go unnoticed for a long time. Scar tissue naturally forms around a breast implant, creating a capsule that holds it in place. Following a rupture, the silicone gel will simply stay within the capsule, and may not effect the outward appearance of the breast right away. In addition, while you should never compromise your plastic surgery goals for the purpose of saving money, it is also important to note that silicone breast implants usually cost more than saline breast implants.

Women with Breast Augmentation

Saline Breast Implants

A Safe and Beautiful Breast Augmentation Option

Today, women considering breast augmentation surgery have many options. The type, placement, and size of implants chosen can create a variety of different looks, and help implant patients achieve their unique aesthetic goals.

Saline breast implants are a popular choice for women who want striking curves and a voluptuous silhouette. Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg offers saline breast implants at our Long Island, Manhattan, Hamptons, and Boca Raton, FL cosmetic surgery centers. During an in-depth consultation, Dr. Greenberg can gain an understanding of your cosmetic goals, and help you determine which treatment options are best for you. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.

Saline breast implants are often preferred for breast augmentation and reconstruction, and may be subglandular (placed above the breast muscle), or submuscular (placed below the breast muscle). Subglandular placement usually involves a shorter healing time, and provides more dramatic results and more cleavage than submuscular placement. Because submuscular implants lie below the muscle, they typically offer more subtle enhancement, allowing patients to retain a more natural breast shape in many cases. During your consultation, Dr. Greenberg can determine which type and size of implant placement is best for you.

Unlike silicone breast implants, saline implants are filled after they have been placed. During the procedure, Dr. Greenberg will carefully evaluate each breast to ensure that they are even in shape and symmetry, adjusting the volume of saline appropriately. This surgical approach also allows Dr. Greenberg to utilize a smaller incision, and minimize the appearance of scarring. Dr. Greenberg offers a 24-hour rapid recovery option for breast augmentation that is less invasive than traditional breast implant placement. This procedure uses an extremely small incision, further minimizing pain, downtime, and scarring, and enhancing healing.

Most breast implants need to be replaced or readjusted as a woman ages. Other complications that can occur include capsular contracture. When this condition occurs, scar tissue tightens around the implant and may distort surrounding skin, causing wrinkling or lumps. It can also cause the implant to rupture. Dr. Greenberg has years of experiencing placing implants in a way to minimize the risk of capsular contracture development. Dr. Greenberg can also restore a natural look to patients who have experienced capsular contracture.

If a saline implant breaks or leaks, it will deflate and release the harmless saline solution into the body where it will be absorbed. Silicone, or gel, implants are more difficult to rupture, but if they do, they can slowly leak into the breast, and are more difficult to replace. In the event of an implant rupture, saline implants are easily replaced.

Silicon Vs. Saline Implants

A Crucial Choice

There are many important variables to consider when planning a breast augmentation procedure, including silicone versus saline breast implants. Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S’s practice offers both types, because saline and silicone have mutually exclusive advantages that make one or the other more suitable for specific goals and preferences. The fundamental difference between these two types of breast implants is that saline implants contain a sterile solution of water and salt, while silicone implants contain a more dense silicone gel. After extensive testing, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has determined that both saline and silicone implants are safe for use. Dr. Greenberg is an expert cosmetic surgeon who will take careful note as you describe the enhancement you wish to achieve, and then recommend the implants that will produce the bust line you desire. If you would like to learn more about the differences between saline and silicone breast implants, contact our practice today.


When it comes to achieving a natural look and feel, many women prefer silicone breast implants. Silicone gel is very similar in feel to natural breast tissue. The silicone gel maintains substantial outward pressure on the implant, helping it to retain a robust, natural shape. Saline, on the other hand, tends to reveal some rippling as it succumbs to the pressure of surrounding natural breast tissue. This principle makes silicone the implant of choice for women who are very thin, are undergoing breast reconstruction surgery, or have chosen to have their implant placed above the pectoral muscle. On the other hand, women who choose to place the implant below the pectoral muscle, or who have ample existing breast tissue, may be able to achieve satisfying results with saline implants.

Saline implants are filled after they are placed, while silicone implants are completely filled before surgery. Therefore, silicone implants require a larger incision than saline implants. In both cases, incisions are strategically placed so that any resulting scars will be well concealed and eventually become hardly noticeable.

Neither silicone nor saline implants are intended to last a lifetime. The longer a woman has implants, the more likely she will eventually need to undergo surgery to replace them. In the event of a rupture, the contents of a saline implant are absorbed safely into the body, and the rupture will be almost immediately apparent. If a silicone implant ruptures, the gel quickly escapes the implant, but stays within the pocket of tissue holding the implant in place. As such, it may go undetected until your next visit to your physician. The FDA recommends undergoing an MRI screening three years after breast augmentation surgery, and every two years after that.

The choice to undergo breast augmentation surgery is a very personal one that can boost a woman’s self-esteem, broaden her clothing options, and help her to feel attractive and confident. Dr. Greenberg prides himself on helping women achieve the very best breast augmentation results possible, and will take time to help you decide whether silicone or saline implants are the right option for you. Contact our practices serving Manhattan, Woodbury, Long island, The Hamptons, and Boca Raton, FL to learn more.

Gummy Bear Implants

The Latest in Bust Enlargement

Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S offers gummy bear implants at his practice serving Manhattan, Woodbury, Long Island, The Hamptons and Boca Raton, FL. Gummy bear implants are a truly unique new option for women considering breast augmentation surgery. Also known as “cohesive silicone gel implants,” gummy bear implants have a consistency that is very similar to their namesake. That is, rather than having a liquid center, this new silicone implant hangs together as a cohesive whole that is pliable, but retains its original shape . As with silicone and saline implants, gummy bear implants have exclusive attributes that can make them an excellent choice for some women, depending upon their individual goals. Dr. Greenberg can help to determine whether gummy bear implants are right for you. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.


Advantages of Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy bear implants were approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in February 2013. Testing leading up to this approval indicated that compared to silicone and saline implants, these implants have a decreased risk of rupture, rippling, and capsular contracture (the formation of excess scar tissue around an implant that can distort the breast shape and cause pain and discomfort). In addition to these practical advantages, gummy bear implants are excellent at maintaining their “teardrop shape” – that is, the majority of the weight stays in the bottom of the implant, the same way a natural breast hangs under the effects of gravity. If you have suffered capsular contracture as a result of a previous breast augmentation, or if you are partial to the results achieved with gummy bear implants (which Dr. Greenberg can demonstrate with before-and-after photos of his work), these new implants may be an excellent choice for you. The very best way of determining which kind of implant will help you achieve your goals is to have an in-depth consultation with Dr. Greenberg. Contact us today to schedule your breast augmentation consultation.

Though gummy bear implants have many attributes that make them an attractive choice for some women, there are characteristics that other women may find less appealing. First, gummy bear implants are firmer than silicone and saline implants. Some women may believe that they are too firm, and therefore feel unnatural. All breast implants carry a risk of shifting within the breast. Of course, this is not a concern if a breast implant is round. However, gummy bear implants have a distinct teardrop shape. The outer surface is textured to prevent shifting, but if shifting does occur, it may result in an unnatural breast shape.

Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg will explain and discuss what you can expect from your breast implant recovery performed at our Long Island, Manhattan, Woodbury, Hamptons, and Boca Raton, FL facilities. He will also help guide you through each step of your recovery to ensure that you achieve successful results and a comfortable experience. During your initial consultation with Dr. Greenberg, he will spend time discussing all the breast augmentation options available in order to customize your treatment to fit your personal needs. A masterful surgeon, Dr. Greenberg is well known for his expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery and prides himself on providing his patients with natural-looking results and the care they deserve.
What to Expect During Your Breast Implant Recovery
Breast implant surgery is a safe and effective surgical cosmetic procedure that can boost your confidence and dramatically enhance your figure. We know the decision to undergo any type of cosmetic procedure is a personal one and should not be taken lightly. Dr. Greenberg will personally meet with you to outline your entire procedure and the steps to follow for a successful recovery.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Greenberg, he will spend time discussing all the options available to you in breast augmentation in order to customize your treatment to fit your personal needs.

After surgery, Dr. Greenberg will examine the surgical site and carefully place your compression garment. This garment will allow for a quicker recovery time by minimizing pain, bruising, and inflammation. Once released from our office, you will need someone to drive you home and stay with you for the first 48 hours. Your breasts may feel sore and swollen the first few days after surgery. You can expect a full recovery if you follow your post-operative care instructions carefully. You should also be sure to:

  • Get enough rest and avoid any activities that could strain the pectoral muscles or surgical site
  • Attend all post-operative appointments
  • Take pain medication as prescribed to minimize discomfort
  • Apply ice packs to your breasts in 15-minute intervals to reduce swelling
  • Wear your compression garment as directed
  • Limit sodium intake to minimize swelling
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Walk daily to prevent blood clots
  • Avoid showering for two to three days, or until cleared by the doctor
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking for at least two weeks after surgery
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothing around breasts
  • Avoid driving until cleared by the doctor

Breast Implant Recovery Timeline and Results
While each patient is different, breast implant recovery typically takes about six months. Below is a brief timeline of what you can expect.

  • Week 1: Follow your post-op instructions to reduce inflammation and bruising. Return for your first follow-up appointment so Dr. Greenberg can monitor your progress and remove any sutures and drains. In most cases, patients can return to work by the end of the first week.
  • Weeks 2-3: Continue to ice and take your medication. However, you may discontinue wearing your compression garment. You should only experience mild soreness and swelling at this point. You can expect to begin gentle daily activities such as walking; however, you should continue avoiding strenuous activity.
  • Weeks 4-6: You should no longer experience any swelling at this point, and you will begin to notice your results becoming more apparent. If your recovery is progressing, Dr. Greenberg will allow you to return to more physically demanding activities.
  • Months 3-4: As your breast implants have settled, you will see a noticeable difference in their shape and size, revealing natural-looking results. At this point, your scars will also begin to fade.
  • Months 6-12: You should be completely healed and enjoying your final results. It is important that you continue to see Dr. Greenberg for your follow-up appointments, as well as undergo regular exams and mammograms to monitor the health of your breasts.

Breast augmentation scars can be minimized and virtually undetectable if you choose the right surgeon and take excellent care of your skin. Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg is a leading plastic surgeon in Long Island, NY, whose refined techniques result in minimal or no visible scars. In order to help you maintain beautiful results, he can instruct you in caring for breast augmentation scars immediately after surgery and in the years that follow. If you are considering breast augmentation, we invite you to learn more about what you can do to make certain that you experience the best possible results.

Before Surgery

The first step to minimizing your scars is choosing a qualified and experienced surgeon. A plastic surgeon with vast experience and a track record of patient satisfaction is more likely to use techniques that result in minimal scarring, and can provide effective postoperative instructions. Dr. Greenberg will conduct a private consultation at our state-of-the-art facility, taking the time to discuss where your incisions will be located and how to properly care for them.

The location of your incisions will depend on a variety of factors, including the technique used, the type of breast implant chosen, and the size of the implant. Dr. Greenberg will strategically place the incisions in a location subjected to minimal strain. When incisions are strained, it not only delays healing, but can cause conspicuous scarring.

In the weeks leading up to your surgery, Dr. Greenberg will instruct you:

  • To avoid certain medications and herbal supplements that could compromise your recovery.
  • Not to smoke or use tobacco products. If you are a smoker, you will be advised to cease the habit for a period before surgery, and it is in your best interest to remain a nonsmoker.
  • To use ample sun protection.

Dr. Greenberg will strategically place the incisions in a location subjected to minimal strain.

After Surgery

After surgery, Dr. Greenberg will close the incisions with sutures. If you notice increased swelling, pain, and redness around your incisions, followed by a fever, it is imperative that you call Dr. Greenberg immediately.

Once sutures are removed, you can begin using scar prevention techniques, which will include:

  • Changing bandages and cleaning the incisions as directed.
  • Avoiding sun exposure by using at least 30 SPF sunscreen and taking care to cover scars with clothing.
  • Not wearing underwire bras, as this could disrupt your implants and incisions.
  • Not sleeping on your stomach for at least three weeks.
  • Having plenty of rest.
  • Avoiding physical activity that could strain the incisions.

You can help your scars to remain discreet long after surgery by taking many simple measures that benefit your skin in your day-to-day life. This includes eating a diet rich in antioxidants and beta-carotene, abstaining from smoking, enjoying alcohol in moderation, and always using sun protection outdoors.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about breast augmentation and how to care for your incisions, contact our office online or call us at (516) 217-8120 and schedule your consultation. With Dr. Greenberg’s experience and guidance, you can expect to achieve bust enhancement with minimal scarring.

The choice to undergo breast augmentation surgery is a very personal one that can boost a woman’s self-esteem, broaden her clothing options, and help her to feel attractive and confident. Dr. Greenberg prides himself on helping women achieve the very best breast augmentation results possible, and will take time to help you decide whether silicone or saline implants are the right option for you. Contact our practices serving Manhattan, Woodbury, Long island, The Hamptons, and Boca Raton, FL to learn more.

Healing Successfully

Breast augmentation recoveryoverseen by Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S of Long Island can help to ensure that you experience the maximum benefits of your newly enhanced figure. From the moment surgery concludes, through your recovery outside of our office, Dr. Greenberg will provide supervision and specific instructions to make your recovery as swift and comfortable as possible. Undergoing breast augmentation surgery is an exciting experience that can take your self-esteem to new heights, broaden your wardrobe options, complement all of your best features, and generally enhance your quality of life. To learn more about how we make every step of this process – including breast augmentation recovery – a complete success, contact our Long Island practice today.

Maximum Comfort in a State-of-the-art Facility
Dr. Greenberg’s Manhattan and Long Island offices are two of the most sophisticated plastic surgery practices in the United States. Following your breast augmentation surgery, you will rest in our state-of-the-art recovery room until you are ready to be discharged. Because of the advanced techniques we use in placing breast implants, the vast majority of our patients are actually able to raise their arms above their heads following surgery. This feat is virtually unheard of among patients recovering from breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Greenberg uses an advanced new “mini-Incision” technique to create the “pocket” that will contain the implant within the breast. This sets the stage for 24-hour breast augmentation recovery, a revolutionary development in the world of cosmetic surgery that will allow you to resume most of your normal activities (aside from exercise) faster than ever before.

Returning Home
Post-operative instructions will be explained to you, and you will be able to go home and rest. Dr. Greenberg will see you the following day back at the office. Pain is minimal, and you will be able to return to work and normal activities within a few days of your surgery. In fact, more than 90 percent of our breast augmentation patients are able to return to work after 24 hours. In the meanwhile, you can control pain with simple over-the-counter medications. You can expect bruising and swelling to be minimal. In most cases, patients are not required to wear compression garments during the 24-hour recovery period. Though you must take care to avoid strain, our advanced approach to breast augmentation surgery will allow you to resume non-strenuous day-to-day activity such as driving or shopping. In fact, if you wish to celebrate your surgery with dinner at a restaurant, you will most likely be able to do so! In short, don’t plan on going to the gym the morning after breast augmentation surgery, but don’t expect to be confined to your bed, either. Faster than ever before, you will be able to feel recovered and begin enjoying your newly enhanced figure.

Things To Keep In Mind
It is very important that you stop smoking about 6 weeks prior to your surgery. Smoking will affect incision healing. It constricts blood vessels preventing oxygen from easily getting to the area. This can either slow or even stop the healing process. Researchers have also done studies and found that people who smoke are more prone to incision infections. Smoking can also lead to blood clots near the incision, loosened stitches, skin graft failure and lengthier recovery.

Also, if you plan on having any dental work done after your surgery it is recommended that you wait 2 months and check with your primary care doctor before undergoing any procedure.

Learn More About Breast Augmentation Recovery
If you would like to learn more about breast augmentation recovery, please contact our Long Island practice serving Woodbury, Manhattan, and communities throughout the greater New York City area.

FAQ’s – Bust Enlargement and Implants: Question and Answers

Some patients settle in 2-3 weeks and sometimes it can take up to 3-6 months.

The pain is usually minimal and can be easily reduced with pain medication.

They should both be worn for 4 weeks, but can be removed as needed.

Yes, it’s very normal. It is air or fluid around the implant.

The scars will fade in a couple of weeks.

After your second week post-op you should massage 2-3 times a day for the next three months.

You may resume working out after 4 weeks.

The steri-strips will fall off within 2 weeks after your surgery. Do not pull them off.

The stiches are dissovable.

You must finish all the antibotics and take all other medications as needed.

You can drive two days after surgery as long as you are not on any pain medication.

You may work out four weeks from your surgery date.