Achieve a Fuller Bust without Implants in NYC / Long Island

We often see patients who are looking to enhance their bust line but do not want to use implants. Although breast implants are safe and effective, many patients are concerned about implant failure or rejection. For patients concerned about breast implant risks, we offer natural breast augmentation at our Manhattan, NYC or Long Island cosmetic surgery offices.

What is Natural Breast Augmentation?
Rather than using implants like traditional procedures, natural breast augmentation involves fat which is removed from other areas of the body and transferred to the breasts. This is a wonderful procedure for patients who are seeking a slight to moderate enhancement and would like to undergo some body contouring as well.

Body Contouring and Breast Enhancement (Two in One)
A significant advantage of an all-natural breast augmentation procedure is that it combines breast enhancement with body sculpting. This is an ideal procedure because many patients are seeking a slight augmentation to their breasts and would also like to remove some stubborn fatty deposits from other areas of the body. Areas that do not respond to diet and exercise can be trimmed and toned using liposuction.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation in NYC (The Procedure)
The first part of your natural breast augmentation procedure involves harvesting fat from another area of the body. This type of Breast Augmentation is called Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting. Dr. Greenberg typically removes excess fatty tissue from the buttocks, thighs, or abdomen. Once the fat has been harvested, it will be cleaned, purified, and prepared for transfer. Dr. Greenberg will then gently inject your breasts with the purified fat tissue through very small incisions to achieve the desired fullness.

This is an ideal procedure for patients who are seeking a slight enlargement or who are wanting to reshape the breasts. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia to ensure your comfort and only small incisions are required. You will notice an immediate improvement in the size, shape, and projection of your breasts. Some amount of fat may be absorbed by the body, so you may require additional treatment sessions to achieve and maintain your desired results.

Benefits of Natural Breast Augmentation
Since breast augmentation using fat transfer is all-natural, an obvious benefit is your doctor will not need to place any foreign objects in the body. Using fat gives the breasts a soft, natural feel, and there is no concern over issues associated with implants such as encapsulation, rupture, or infection. Natural breast augmentation is minimally invasive and has a reduced recovery time when compared to traditional augmentation procedures.

What if I Would Like to Significantly Increase my Breast Size?
Patients who would like to significantly increase the size of their breasts may be better candidates for traditional breast augmentation surgery.

Learn More About Natural Breast Augmentation
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