When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, many will be treated using a breast removal procedure known as a mastectomy. After undergoing a mastectomy, patients often seek breast reconstruction surgery as an effective way to help restore the appearance of their breasts and renew their sense of femininity and beauty. This procedure may also be recommended for victims of injury or trauma. By performing breast reconstruction with implants, Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg has helped patients in Long Island, NY, recreate both the size and shape of their natural breasts. To learn more about what to expect from a reconstruction procedure with implants, contact Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery today.
Benefits of Reconstruction with Implants
Breast reconstruction surgery can effectively recreate the natural shape of the breasts, allowing women to restore confidence in their appearance. For patients who also want to achieve their former breast size and proportions, Dr. Greenberg can combine implant placement with reconstruction. Rebuilding the breasts with implants can:

  • Improve the shape and size of the breasts
  • Restore a patient’s natural curves
  • Allow women to wear form-fitting clothes and bathing suits
  • Provide symmetry to the breasts
  • Restore the appearance of the nipple

For many women, their femininity and sexuality can be greatly affected by the removal of their breasts. Although their breasts will never be the same following a mastectomy or injury, reconstructive surgery with implants is an effective alternative to help women begin to feel whole again.
Preparing for Implants with Tissue Expansion
After undergoing a mastectomy, many women do not have a sufficient amount of skin in the chest area to support an implant. In these cases, Dr. Greenberg can place a tissue expander to gradually stretch the skin and make room for an implant. A tissue expander is a balloon-like device that is placed under the pectoral muscle. Following mastectomy, the doctor will inject a saline solution into the expander at regular intervals through a small valve located just below the surface of the patient’s skin. Once the tissue expander has sufficiently stretched the skin after about six to eight weeks, Dr. Greenberg will replace it with your breast implant. Reconstructive surgery using a tissue expander and implant is often appealing because it requires less surgery than flap reconstruction. In general, patients undergoing reconstruction with implants can usually expect to reach full recovery after about six weeks.
Immediate Reconstruction with Implants
For some reconstruction patients, the use of a tissue expander is not necessary. If you have a sufficient amount of skin, we can perform immediate reconstruction and place an implant at the time of mastectomy, or a later date. Immediate breast reconstruction is more convenient than other reconstruction procedures since it does not require multiple surgeries. Whether you are considering breast reconstruction with implants during or after mastectomy surgery, you will want to ask your doctor whether the use of a tissue expander will be necessary.
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At Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery, we strive to provide patients with the best cosmetic surgeries and treatments available. If you are seeking to restore your breasts after mastectomy or trauma, Dr. Greenberg can use breast reconstruction with implants to help achieve your goals. To learn more about breast reconstruction with implants, contact our office today.