A Breast Lift Can Help You Achieve a More Youthful Bust Line

If you would like to achieve a perkier, more youthful breast contour, a breast lift performed by Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S at his offices serving Long IslandNY, Manhattan, Woodbury, The Hamptons, and Boca Raton, FL can help you achieve your goals. Breast lifts (mastopexy) are surgical breast procedures to raise and re-shape sagging (ptosis) breasts. Breast lifts are performed by re-sculpting the breasts and removing the excess or stretched out skin, which has allowed the breasts to droop. The size of the breasts do not change after breast lifts, but the surgery will leave the breasts with a lifted and youthful appearance.

Who are the Candidates for a Breast Lift?

Most women find that they look and feel better after breast surgery, both with and without clothes. They find that clothing and bras fit better, and they often can wear clothing that they have not been able to wear in the past. When you look in the mirror, you can determine if you have a droop to your breast. If your nipples have drooped to a level beneath your breasts, then you have a mild droop. If they have drooped below this crease, then you have a moderate droop, and if the nipples are pointing to the ground, then you have an advanced droop. The best candidates for breast lifts are women who have stretched skin and less volume in their breasts due to pregnancy, nursing, or weight loss.

Why Choose a Breast Lift?

A breast lift can be performed to address various concerns of a patient. Some of them include:

  • Lift the sagging or droopy breast
  • Restore the contour of the breast after pregnancy or nursing
  • Lift the breast after loss of breast volume, or weight changes
  • Correct asymmetries in the breast.

Surgery and Recovery Facts


Anesthesia: Sedation or general (Board Certified Anesthesiologist)
Length of Procedure: 1-2 1/2 hours
Length of Stay: Outpatient
Where performed: In Dr. Greenberg’s office ambulatory Surgery Center in Manhattan or on Long Island.
Discomfort: 1-3 days mild / moderate discomfort
Return to work: 1 week
Bandages: 24 hrs later all bandages will be removed . A surgical bra to be worn for 3-4 weeks.
Bruising: Most cases, there is no bruising
Stitches: Dr. Greenberg will remove all stitches in 5-7 days
Exercise: 3-4 weeks before doing upper body exercise
Results: Dr. Greenberg strives to obtain a natural look. The results will be noticed 3-4 months.

Explaining the Unique Features of a Breast Lift

Customized Procedures

Dr. Greenberg performs breast lifts on patients who have lost volume in their breasts because of pregnancy, weight change, age, or loss of firmness. The incisions for breast lifts are dependent on how “droopy” the breasts are. The extent of scars are often related to the droop: the greater the droop, the more extensive the incisions.

Often for small breast lifts, incisions can be made just around the areola with no other visible scars. A modified lift is an option when the breast is fairly small and the sag is minimal. For complete breast lifts in patients who have significant loss of volume and “droopiness”, incisions often have to be made in the standard “anchor” shape. To better understand the results you can achieve, you can view before and after photos of breast lifts performed by Dr. Greenberg.

The breast lift procedure also reduces the size of the areola. Breast implants may also be inserted during breast lifts to help give the breasts a fuller look. Dr. Greenberg can often use minimal incisions to perform breast lifts, which usually fade away! Breast lifts are performed as out-patient procedures in Dr. Greenberg’s accredited New York ambulatory operative facility. Breast lifts will restore a youthful appearance to your breasts.

At our practices we operate with Vectra XT the complete 3D imaging solution for body, breast and face. This visual simulator is used to provide our patients with a visual image of themselves to explore the exciting possibilities of the aesthetic procedure, and help achieve their personal goals.

What Can I Expect from Surgery and Recovery?

Dr. Greenberg will carefully evaluate your breasts to determine if a breast lift is appropriate or if a simple breast augmentation can be performed. He will discuss the eventual breast shape and size and give you an idea of what you can realistically expect after your breast lift. Although women can still get pregnant and usually can breast-feed after breast lifts, the result may stretch out after subsequent pregnancies.

Breast lifts usually take about one to two hours, with the patient returning home after a short stay in our recovery suite. Dr. Greenberg removes the original surgical dressing on post-operative day one, and the patient is placed into a support bra to aid with recovery. Most of the sutures do not need to be removed, and the patient typically only has mild discomfort.

Patients can often get back to work in about three to four days after the surgical procedure and can start working out in the gym in about three to four weeks. If there is only minimal droop and if you want a slightly larger breast, breast augmentations can be performed without the typical incisions of breast lifts.

FAQ’s – Bust Reshaping: Questions and Answers

Are you considering a Bust Reshaping but have questions? Dr. Greenberg is a nationally recognized plastic surgeon that is often featured in media for his expertise. Check out our Bust Reshaping: Questions and Answers.

The steri-strips will fall off within two weeks after surgery. Do not pull them off.

You may shower 48 hours after surgery. You can get the steri-strips wet as well.

You may drive two days after surgery as long as you are not on any medication.

You should sleep on 2-3 pillows for the first week following your procedure.

You must wear the sports bra for on month from your surgery date.

Yes, the scars will fade almost completely within the first year.

It’s variable and depends on the type of procedure and patient.

You may resume working out one month after your surgery.

You must finish all the antibiotics and take all other medications as needed.

Breast lift patients can often get back to work in about three to four days after the surgical procedure and can start working out in the gym in about three to four weeks.

For many women, the effects of aging and pregnancy can take their toll on the appearance of the breasts. Sagging or drooping is common as women get older, and it can cause the breasts to lose their natural projection and shape. Breast liftsurgery can return the breasts to their natural position and restore a more youthful and perky appearance. This surgery consists of removing excess skin and reshaping the breast for improved contouring. We will often see patients in our office who would like to undergo the surgery but are concerned with breast lift cost. Our Long Island, New York cosmetic surgery practice is committed to providing convenient financing solutions so that all of our procedures are affordable on any budget. If you would like to learn more about restoring a more youthful appearance and have questions about the cost of a breast lift, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg.

The Breast Lift Procedure
The breast lift procedure is performed in Dr. Greenberg’s state-of-the-art, fully accredited ambulatory surgical center on an outpatient basis. The surgery takes approximately one to two hours to perform, and after a brief stay in our recovery suites, you will be allowed to return to your home to rest and heal. Patients will typically return to work three to four days after their procedure and resume their normal exercise routines after roughly three to four weeks.

Before scheduling your surgery, Dr. Greenberg will begin to plan your treatment. The location and size of the incisions will depend largely on the amount of sagging present and your cosmetic goals. During your procedure, Dr. Greenberg will remove any loose, excess skin and sculpt the underlying breast tissue to restore a more youthful shape. He may also move the nipple to a higher position on the breast.

Factors Affecting Treatment Cost
The most significant factor affecting the cost of a breast lift procedure is the extent of the surgery. More complex cases that address more substantial aesthetic concerns will require additional time and the use of more advanced surgical techniques. Other surgeons’ prices can include costly hospital fees, which Dr. Greenberg is able to avoid by performing all of his procedures in his own ambulatory center. Additional factors such as anesthesia and post-operative care will be included in the total cost of your treatment.

Breast Lift Procedure Financing
Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery is committed to providing our patients with the best care available and to finding payment options that make surgery affordable. We proudly offer CareCredit℠ patient financing to provide our patients with a payment plan that they are comfortable with. CareCredit℠ features low-interest rates and flexible repayment terms, but is used for medical and dental procedures. Our team will be happy to help guide you through the simple application process.

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Determining Your Breast Lift Candidacy

For women who are unhappy with the perkiness of their chest, a breast lift can provide the younger-looking, firmer breasts they desire. Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg is a renowned plastic surgeon who is able to provide superior treatment and results. During a consultation, he can help you understand your breast lift candidacy at his Long Island, NY, practice. Through this discussion, he can help you understand the best procedure for your needs and goals and the benefits that you can experience.

What a Breast Lift Can Achieve
A breast lift is designed to reposition the breasts, lifting them higher on the chest. The procedure can be completed using a variety of incision techniques to remove excess skin and raise the location of the nipple. Patients can achieve more height and projection for an improved figure with this surgery. However, the procedure does not increase the size of the bust line. If patients desire to increase breast volume, they may be more suited for a breast augmentationor a combined lift with augmentation.

This elective surgery is not recommended for women currently in the process of medical treatment. Women who are planning to have a baby in the near future, and those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, are also recommended to delay having a breast lift.

Candidates for Varying Techniques
In order to undergo any breast surgery, you must be in good overall health to reduce the risks of surgery. You should also have realistic expectations of the results you can achieve. Women who have sagging, drooping breasts are typically the best candidates for a breast lift. You may begin to notice sagging breasts as a result of age, weight loss, or pregnancy and breastfeeding. The amount of sagging that you experience can affect the technique used during your procedure.


Also known as a donut lift, this surgery uses an incaision around the areola. The technique is best for patients with only mild to moderate drooping. Mild sagging usually results in the nipple being located below the center of the breast, but not below the crease of the breast along the chest wall.

Dr. Greenberg is known for his expertise and recognized skill in plastic surgery. With his advanced treatments, you can achieve significant results that can last.


This technique is also known as a lollipop lift, and it allows Dr. Greenberg to achieve more advanced results. The incisions for a lollipop lift are placed around the areola and down the front of the breast to the crease. This approach helps to address more significant droop by removing excess skin. Candidates for this procedure typically experience more moderate sagging, with the nipple at or below the level of the crease of their breast.

Inverted T

Sometimes known as an anchor lift, this surgery can provide the most dramatic results. Incisions will be placed around the areola, down the front of the breast, and along the crease. Most patients who have nipples that face completely downward are typically the best candidates for this method.

Personalized Treatment
An in-depth consultation with Dr. Greenberg can help you understand the best options for you. He will review your health and your concerns with the appearance of your breasts, as well as discuss your goals for the procedure. If he determines you are a good candidate for a breast lift, you can discuss the best technique to help you achieve your desired silhouette.

Receive Superior Care
Dr. Greenberg is known for his expertise and recognized skill in plastic surgery. With his advanced treatments, you can achieve significant results that can last. Contact our practice today to schedule a consultation.

Refining Your Bust Line

Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S, one of the country’s leading plastic surgeons, can perform a breast lift with implants at his Long Island practice, helping you achieve comfort as well as beauty. A breast lift is designed to refine the bust line after the natural aging process, pregnancies, or genetics have caused the breasts to sag. When undergoing a breast lift, you have the option to simultaneously augment the breasts with implants. Doing this gives you a bust line that is not only perkier, but also fuller and shapelier. If you are interested in refining your bust line through a breast lift with implants, contact our Long Island practice serving Manhattan and Woodbury today.

The Breast Lift Procedure
During a breast lift, excess breast tissue and skin are removed, and the nipple is repositioned. All incisions are strategically sutured to reshape the skin envelope of the breast. When the healing process is complete, the result is a bust line that is firmer and more youthful. The procedure lends itself to the the placement of breast implants. By combining a breast lift with the placement of breast implants, you can achieve further enhancement of your breast contour, and add attractive breast volume that defies the pull of gravity.

Combining a Breast Lift with Implants
Though the breast lift procedure is based on a physical lift of your bust line, the emotional “lift” can be equally important. If you want breasts that not only possess a more youthful contour, but also complement your figure with an ample size and shape, breast implants may help you to achieve maximum satisfaction with your results. During your initial consultation with Dr. Greenberg, you should speak openly about precisely the results you wish to achieve so that he can recommend the variations in your breast lift procedure that will meet your goals.

Selecting Breast Implants
The specific filling material, size, and shape of the implants you choose will have a major effect on the results of your breast lift. In order to help you choose the best implant for your goals, Dr. Greenberg will explain how each of these aspects will effect the look of your bust line after surgery. Implants can be filled with saline or silicone, round or teardrop shaped, and 125 cc to 1200 cc in volume. We also offer new gummy bear implants, a silicone implant with a firmer consistency than their traditional counterparts. You can also choose to have subglandular placement (placement of the implant above the pectoral muscle), or submuscular placement (partial placement of the implant below the pectoral muscle).

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You deserve to feel excellent about your appearance, and if you are interested in boosting your self-confidence through a breast lift, breast implants may be a great way to maximize the benefits of this procedure. Contact our Long Island practice today to learn more about having a breast lift with implants.

The effects of aging and pregnancy can cause the breasts to sag or droop as we grow older. Many patients come to our office seeking a treatment that can restore the natural shaping and perkiness of their bust. Fortunately, breast lift surgery can address these concerns by eliminating loose, excess skin that has lost its elasticity over time. During surgery, your surgeon will also sculpt the breasts to restore their natural shape and positioning. Returning your silhouette to a more youthful appearance is just one of the many breast lift benefits. The Long Island, New York cosmetic surgery practice of Dr. Stephen T. Greenbergspecializes in helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Our team also wants you to understand all aspects of the procedure so you are fully informed. If you would like to learn more about the benefits that you will experience when you choose Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery for your breast lift procedure, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

What to Expect During Breast Lift Surgery
Before beginning your breast lift surgery, you will have a consultation with Dr. Greenberg. You will discuss your cosmetic goals and start to formulate a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Greenberg will carefully explain each part of the procedure so that you will have a greater understanding of its effects. Forming realistic expectations for the results that you can expect is an important part of your consultation. Once the planning phase is complete, we can schedule your procedure.

Breast lift surgery takes approximately one to two hours to perform in Dr. Greenberg’s fully accredited ambulatory center. The location, size, and shape of the incisions will be determined by the amount of sagging you are experiencing and your cosmetic goals. During the procedure, Dr. Greenberg will remove any loose skin and reshape the breast tissue to restore more youthful contouring. He may also place the nipple higher on the breast to further improve your appearance.

After the surgery is complete, you will be allowed to return to your home to rest and recover. Patients can typically expect to return to their normal routines after three to four days and resume their normal activity level after approximately three to four weeks. For patients who would like to increase volume as well as lift, breast augmentation is frequently incorporated into the procedure.

Benefits of the Breast Lift Procedure
The most apparent benefit of breast lift surgery is an improved, more youthful appearance. A perkier figure often leads to a significant boost in self-confidence. In fact, many of our breast lift patients report feeling more fulfilled in their relationships and personal lives.

For the right patients, breast lift can also improve your physical health. Many women complain of chafing under the breast crease or having back and neck tension from drooping breasts. Although these symptoms are more commonly addressed with a breast reduction, a lift can sometimes alleviate these problems and reduce associated discomfort.

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