ABOUT Teen Skin Care

Blemishes, Acne and Youth Skin Care

Many teens and young adults have issues with acne and blemishes that cause them to be unhappy and lack confidence. Dr. Greenberg has introduced a med-spa package that deals with skin care for high school and college students. We all know that stress, changes in routine and changes in diet can take a toll on skin. Under the direction of Dr. Greenberg, our aestheticians can properly educate your child on how to take care of their skin and look their best.

The package deals with how to:

  • Clear Up Acne and Blemishes
  • Find the Right Skin Care Products
  • Maintain Clear Skin
  • Eat Right and Improve Your Skin

Pre-Prom and Pre-Graduation cosmetic skin care consultations are becoming a popular way for teens to prepare for upcoming events. Hoping to improve their look, a greater number of kids are reaching out to our skin care specialists for Hydrafacials, peels and laser acne treatments.

The Spa @Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery now also offers spray tanning so you can have that extra glow in time to look your best for any event big or small.

Woman focusing smooth face