I began my search for a full Tummy Tuck Surgeon in early 2021. Dr Greenberg was by far the best active listener, honest & straightforward Surgeon I met with. After my initial consult, I set a weight loss goal with his guidance. This would help him provide the best surgical outcome for my body. He was honest, direct, and kind. I met my goal & had surgery with Dr in Dec of 21. I am 3 weeks out of surgery, and I AM THRILLED!! Dr., his staff, Nursing and follow up have ALL BEEN PHENOMENAL! My recovery has been very smooth, my tummy is already stunningly better, even with my body of course, still being swollen. Hands down, my first surgery experience and I say NO REGRETS! Dr Greenberg & his staff are tops in the field. THANK YOU TO THE WOODBURY NY OFFICE! You guys are the BEST OF THE BEST!!