Let me just start with how BEAUTIFUL the office is. Dr. Greenberg is one of the best plastic surgeons I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. From the very first consultation through each and every follow up appointment, Dr. Greenberg has been phenomenal. Dr. Greenberg is a surgeon who cares deeply about his patient’s wellbeing and outcome of their procedure. Dr. Greenberg answered all questions and discussed the procedure in detail. After my procedure was scheduled, Dr. Greenberg introduced me to Jocelyn my surgical coordinator who kept me informed every step of the way. Jocelyn was my point of contact to get my medical clearance and answer any additional questions. Even though I was nervous, I was confident that Dr. Greenberg was not only a gifted surgeon but cared deeply about having a positive experience from start to finish. The entire staff made sure that I was comfortable, relaxed and treated with the best possible care. The procedure went well, and the level of care was outstanding immediately after surgery to all post operative appointments. Dr. Greenberg was the perfect choice for my procedure. The entire team have been kind, patient and compassionate.