Whether it’s ani aging remedies , or the quest to love our ” imperfect ” bodies, having the right plastic surgeon is everything. Dr Stephen T Greenberg, one of the country’s premier , board-certified plastic surgeons is definitely one such person to have in your arsenal. He has been in mine for many many years. Before committing to any surgery , Dr Greenberg performs an exam and then has a clear discussion with you about what results you are looking to achieve. He not only has real and very honest conversation with his patients , but he will always discuss options and potential outcomes with you. You will never leave feeling uneducated or unsure. One such example is when I wanted an upper eye lift. Dr Greenberg explained that I might not get the desired outcome because I have particularly heavy lids. With that knowledge I was then able to make an educated decision and review other options. It’s hard to know that you’re asking all the right questions when interviewing a plastic surgeon , but Dr Greenberg always educates, answers questions, makes suggestions and explains differences. Although his office is clearly busy and his services are in high demand , there has NEVER been a time where I felt rushed, or where I felt like I didn’t have his full attention. I have had quite a few procedures with Dr Greenberg and have recommended endless friends and associates to his great care as well. I am pleased to say that he has served many of my very satisfied friends ( now patients ) and vastly improved many lives due to his caring intervention.