Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg performs a large number of breast augmentation in New York each week. He takes pride in obtaining a perfect natural result. In this clip, Dr. Greenberg talks about the breast implant options and the different surgical techniques that he uses.

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One of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures, and something that I do on a daily basis, a lot of, xgf breast augmentations. I strive for an absolute natural result, that’s so important to me. I can’t stand when things look too big or too fake or too unnatural. Every woman is different. We have to individualize this procedure to each and every body. There are two types of breast implants that are available for breast augmentation. There’s a silicone gel implant, which is known to be very soft and natural to the touch. This is available for patients who are 22 years and older. I walk around my office squeezing these all the time. It’s showing patients that they’re very safe, and it’s really almost impossible to break the outer shell in a silicone implant. There’s a saline implant, which is great for patients under 22, or those patients who may have a lot of breast tissue. This also can have a very natural result. There are two places for an implant. You can either go above or below the chest wall muscle, called the pectoralis muscle. By going below that muscle, they look better, they feel better, they’re softer, they’re more natural, and they’re better for mammograms, so that’s my preference. Of all the places to put an incision, I like to use a very, very small incision, and prefer to go underneath the breasts. If you put the incision in that breast crease, not only, I believe, the complication rate is less, but the incision is so inconspicuous and usually fades away very nicely over a short period of time. I perform many breast augmentation procedures on a weekly basis, here in my office ambulatory surgery center with my board certified anesthesiologists. With my quick recovery breast augmentation procedure, patients are back to work and normal activities in just a couple of days.