Lisa came to Dr. Greenberg because she wanted to get rid of the stubborn fat on her thighs and the areas behind her knees. With the liposuction, Lisa is now much more confident with her body.

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Lisa: I came to Dr. Greenberg for liposuction on my thighs. I did inner and outer thighs, and I also did behind my knees. My legs, as far back as I can remember, have always been my absolute trouble spot. I never showed them. You could never get me into a short skirt. You could never get me into shorts. I suffered through the summer. It was horrible. I met with Dr. Greenberg, and he was so nice. He was laid back, he was funny, he made me feel comfortable. I had my procedure done, and the recovery was great. I barely felt any pain. My friends couldn’t believe when I came out of surgery that I had just had surgery. They were like, “You didn’t just. . . You didn’t do it. There’s no way you went through with it.” I was like, “No, I did it, I swear. I did it.” When I walk around now I feel so much more confident. I hold my chin up. I strut my stuff. I feel like my curves and my body are more in tune, more natural looking. No more saddlebags, no more jiggling, no more thighs hitting each other. Wearing a skirt, wearing a fancy dress, putting on a great pair of shoes, that make me feel like a million dollars. I’m that girl. I finally feel like it. My confidence has skyrocketed since doing this because it’s my legs. Who doesn’t want to see a girl with nice legs?