Before her procedure, Alison had a problem with droopy eyelids that made her looked very tired all the time. After her upper eyelid surgery, Alison feels ten years younger than before.

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Alison: I came to Dr. Greenberg for upper eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, which I learned. It’s something that I’d been thinking about for five years, at least. I just had a droop in my lid. So in other words, instead of having the definition here, the skin hung down. You couldn’t see the lid, prompting people to often ask me if I was tired or under the weather and that kind of thing. After the surgery, immediately when I woke up, I saw the difference. There was minimal pain. I think I took Tylenol for the first day or two. It literally was everything that I imagined it to be. I feel like it took ten years off of my appearance. My before and after pictures are like a wow. There is a really huge difference. No one, I don’t think, could ever tell that I had anything done. Even people that I would see that I didn’t tell, commented on, “You must be really happy. You look really good.” No one said, “Did you have anything done?” Nothing like that. I feel like it looks natural and I’m just thrilled with it.