Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery, serving residents of Long Island and Manhattan, specializes in male breast reduction surgery.

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Speaker 1: You may not know it, but there’s a simple procedure that can take care of something that many men have spent years being really embarrassed about. Take a look. Speaker 2: So you just finished surgery like 15 minutes ago. What do you think? How was it? Speaker 3: It was good, good. No pain really, woke up. I’m doing pretty good, right now. Speaker 2: Not so bad, right? Speaker 1: Rob Torres says he’s feeling pretty good. He just underwent a brief procedure to get rid of excess tissue in his breasts. Speaker 3: It always bothered me, but then I constantly worked out, so I thought I would get rid of it. Then all of a sudden I was just, you know what? It’s not going anywhere. S1: He consulted with Doctor Stephen Greenberg a New York-based cosmetic plastic surgeon. Speaker 4: Male breast reduction is actually very common. That’s called gynecomastia and it’s seen in all ages. Some studies show that it’s up to 30% or even 40% of men throughout their life could develop enlargement of their chest. Speaker 1: It can be caused by being overweight, by certain medications or from using injectable steroids, but sometimes it just happens, and no one knows why. It had been bothering Rob for a long time, since he was 12-years-old. Speaker 2: It’s annoying. You buy certain clothes. I can’t wear certain clothes. I’ve got to do V-necks all the time. I can’t go as tight as shirts as I want, just because they’re a little awkward. Speaker 4: Men are very embarrassed by having enlargement of their chest. They’re embarrassed to go to the beach, to put certain clothing on and they really come in very upset about this. Speaker 1: Doctor Greenberg says it’s relatively easy to correct. Speaker 4: Sometimes we can just do a little liposuction on them, which is a very minor procedure and other times, if there’s a large gland or a large amount of breast tissue we have to make a small incision around the nipple, and take out that glandular tissue. Speaker 1: The in-office procedure takes less than an hour. Speaker 4: The men get up right after. They feel good. It’s not very painful and they’re going back to work within a day or maybe two. Speaker 1: We asked Rob how he’s going to feel once he’s completely back to normal. Speaker 3: Afterwards, after everything’s healed and done. Joy to the world, you’re not going to be able to keep my shirt on. Woman: You’ll be looking good. Speaker 3: Yeah, definitely. Speaker 1: Now the cost of the procedure is about $6,000. Of course, it’s considered cosmetic, so it is not covered by insurance.