Following massive weight loss, either through a bariatric surgical procedure or through dieting and exercise, patients are often left with loose, sagging skin. To tighten the skin and improve the contours of your body, Dr. Greenberg offers body lift procedures. He will commonly combine abdominoplasty with other procedures such as a thigh lift, arm lift, breast lift, and face lift.

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I see so many massive weight loss patients in my practice on a weekly basis. It’s not only from the bariatric surgery and the gastric bypass surgery that patients are losing weight now. Often patients come in and say they lost 100 pounds or more from diet and exercise alone. Unfortunately, a lot of these patients are left with extra skin. They’re not only left with extra skin on their abdomen, but their thighs, their arms, their chest, and their face as well. So when I see a massive weight loss patient come into my office, we evaluate what bothers them most. Often I’ll combine procedures. I’ll often combine abdominoplasties, which I extend around the back for my massive weight loss patients, with thigh lifts, with arm lifts, maybe breast lifts, and face lift surgery. It’s a matter of finding out the combination that that patient wants to do and what will make them feel better. Sometimes we’ll divide procedures up into two different times, and often these procedures can be done not only in the hospital, but the office ambulatory procedures as well. When I’m talking to a massive weight loss patient, I want to find out what’s bothering them most and what we can address first, and what we can package together. Most importantly, we have to get rid of that extra sagging skin and to make them feel better about their own bodies once again. If you want more information about cosmetic surgery after massive weight loss, give my office a call and come on in for a complimentary consultation.