Through facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Greenberg can help patients reduce some of the loose skin on their lower face and eyelids to achieve a rejuvenated look. By removing the extra skin and tightening remaining skin, patients can look as young as they feel. Dr. Greenberg may combine a facial surgery with various techniques and treatments such as injectables and laser therapy.

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When a patient comes to me about their facial appearance, they want to look better, they want to feel better about themselves. Most important to me is to make them look natural, make them look younger, of course, but in a natural way. And that’s when we come to doing an eyelid lift or a facelift or both at the same time. These procedures are often combined at one procedure. When I do an eyelid lift I’m looking for that rejuvenated appearance without that surprised look. I remove the extra skin from both the upper and lower lids, and it makes the patient look rested, and it makes them look so much younger in a short period of time. An eyelid lift is an in-office ambulatory procedure that only takes about an hour to do, and it really reverses so many years of aging. Often I’ll combine eyelid lifts with a facelift. There are so many different types of face lifts that I do in my practice, and it’s all about individualizing it. It’s all about speaking to the patient and figuring out what they want and what they want to look like. I personally don’t like a facelift that’s pulled too tight. I don’t like that unnatural look, but I want to give that patient a nice clean jaw line, a neck line, and kind of pull the mid-face back up where it once was. We can do mini-facelifts which only take about an hour for the younger patient or for a patient who just wants a little bit of a lift or a more extensive facelift that may take two or three hours, all done in the office ambulatory center and all getting the patient back to work and their normal activities so rapidly. I often will combine facelifts or eyelid surgery with other injectables, like taking fat out of one area of the body and putting it into areas of the face that it’s needed, or Juvederm, Restylane, or other types of injections. It’s a nice combination to do non-invasive techniques, laser treatments, injections along with a facelift to give an overall aesthetically more natural appearance and a younger appearance. In face lift surgery it’s so key to get that natural look. Listen, people are looking at the face all day long, and they don’t want to see something that’s pulled too tight or done in an unnatural fashion. Technology has played such a role in facial cosmetic surgery. That technology allows for decreased recovery time and it allows us to get even better and more natural results. The mini or quick lifts that I do on a daily or weekly basis allow patients to even go back to work in 24 hours often. So getting that great result is so important to me and getting that natural result is even more important. Patients can easily look better and younger with such a minor facial cosmetic surgery procedure. If you want more information on facelifts or eyelid surgery, call my office and come on in for a complimentary consultation.