Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg is a plastic surgery specialist who takes great pride in helping his patients achieve the most natural-looking results possible. With many years of experience and a perfectionist mentality, he has been named Best Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon for many years in Long Island and New York. With each and every one of his patients, he aims to achieve the very best results.

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I’ve been in practice for almost 20 years and my practice is limited to cosmetic surgery. I’m really a specialist in these cosmetic surgery procedures, so although I trained in a whole variety of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, my practice is very super-specialized. I take pride in not only being a perfectionist, but getting the most natural results humanly possible. I work within the framework of every person’s body to try to get the best results. I like to spend a lot of time with my patients, listening to them and addressing each and every one of their needs. I find it really important to individualize these procedures in order to get what the patient wants and get those results that they’re expecting. I’m fortunate to have been named Best Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon for many years running here on the Long Island and New York area by multiple publications, and I take that very seriously. When patients come to me they try to get the best possible cosmetic surgery results. I’m proud that I’m often featured on many television shows, in many magazines and other media outlets, as well as hosting my own radio shows. Here in the New York metropolitan area I’m on seven radio shows and often a frequent guest on both morning drive and afternoon drive shows all about cosmetic surgery. One of the unique things about me is I wrote a book on cosmetic plastic surgery called “A Little Nip, A Little Tuck” and that’s a comprehensive guide for anybody interested in learning about cosmetic surgery. I have several other books coming out now as well on breast augmentation and massive weight loss. So if you’re interested, that’s a really nice way to get information in a quick and easy fashion. For me, the most important thing is getting those outstanding results and working with my patients together as a team. One of the greatest sources of satisfaction in my practice is seeing the patients happy at the end of this process, seeing them smile and look in the mirror and knowing that they are so proud of themselves and proud of the body that they have obtained now. So for me, when I see those great results it makes me happy personally as well. I really strive every day to get the patient the best possible results. One of the most important things when a patient is looking for a cosmetic plastic surgeon is to not only make sure that they’re board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, but to see their experience, to see how many of each one these procedures they’ve performed and how often they do it on a daily basis. Experience, I believe, is the most important thing in getting those outstanding results.