Dr. Greenberg offers tummy tuck procedures for patients seeking a tighter, more sculpted figure around their waist and stomach. Patients left with excess, loose skin around their midsection following childbirth or weight are often excellent candidates for the procedure. Dr. Greenberg’s goal is to not only remove the excess, but to also tighten the abdominal walls, to help patients achieve attractive contours.

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The perfect candidate for a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is that patient who may have had a child or two or three and who comes to me with a stretched out abdominal wall with some extra skin and maybe some extra fat. The goal in a tummy tuck is not only to remove the extra skin and fat but to tighten the abdominal wall muscles as well. I tend to combine liposuction along with my abdominoplasties to give us a nice sculpted waist and a very flat abdomen. An abdominoplasty is typically done in my office ambulatory surgery center, taking only about an hour and a half to do. I have so many techniques that I use to decrease postoperative pain, so my patients are up and around even the day of surgery. It’s really not as big a deal as people think to do an abdominoplasty. I tend to get patients back to work in about a week or so. They’re walking around the day of surgery. They actually feel very good, and some of the results are even seen right in the recovery room. The abdominoplasty is a procedure that allows me to remove all the extra skin from the abdominal wall, tighten those abdominal wall muscles, and sculpt the waist nicely. My goal in an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is to get the pre-pregnancy body back again, for you to walk on the beach with that bikini looking nice and flat and molded and sculpted. I want to give that patient their self-esteem back. By the way, a tummy tuck is not just for a patient who had a baby. I see many patients on a daily basis who have lost weight, either by surgical means or just dieting and exercise, and they’re left with that extra skin and fat and they just simply can’t get rid of it. A tummy tuck is a way to remove that extra skin and fat, tighten up the muscles, and give you the body that you always wanted. A lot of my tummy tuck patients even want to do liposuction on other areas. For instance, we’ll often combine liposuction in the inner and outer thighs. Some patients will combine other procedures at the same time, like a breast augmentation or a breast lift, which certainly can be combined with an abdominoplasty. If you’d like more information on a tummy tuck, give my office a call or go to