Often, patients seek multiple procedures to help them achieve the body of their dreams. Dr. Greenberg offers a number of body sculpting packages, including the very popular “Mommy Makeover,” “Starting Over,” “Divorce Package,” and “Luxury Package.” By combining multiple procedures, patients can consolidate healing time and achieve a rejuvenated body.

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Many years ago I saw patients coming in and wanting to package cosmetic surgery procedures, so I developed individual packages for all sorts of people throughout their life. One of the most common packages is the Mommy Makeover package, which allows me to take somebody who’s had a child and to re-do the entire body. We often will combine a tummy tuck, liposuction, a breast augmentation or a breast lift, and maybe some facial cosmetic surgery procedures as well. This allows me to get the mom’s body back to the way it used to be, and for them to feel great about themselves once again. The Mommy Makeover package is so unique that it allows me to really individualize for each and every patient to give them the best possible cosmetic surgery result. Other packages, like my Starting Over package, is a package that I design for people who are at a point in their lives who may be starting a new job and want to make themselves look better to be more competitive in the workforce, so this is both for men as well as women. I’ll often combine an eye lift along with a face lift and maybe some body contouring or other noninvasive procedures, but the most important thing is it gives the person a jump start, a starting over period in their life where they can look great and feel great about their body. A very common package that I do is the Divorce package. Somebody who is going through a time in their life which is very difficult and may not feel great about themselves, they come to me all the time, both men and women, and want not only their face redone but their body as well. Getting that natural result and getting that body back to the way it used to be when they were first married is so elating to that person. They really feel great about themselves, so whether we’re addressing the belly with an abdominoplasty, their breasts with either liposuction for guys or male chest reduction, or a breast lift for the women or breast augmentation, this allows them to get their body back to the way it used to be and allows them to go through that divorce feeling great about themselves. Putting together these packages has enabled patients to recover at one time. Often I can combine all these procedures at once and have them back to their normal routines, back to their children, and back to their normal work activities within less than a week’s period of time. The unique aspect of combining these packages allows these patients one recovery time, one downtime, and when they come through the procedure they look and feel great on all aspects of their body. Some of the unique packages that I set up is for those patients who are traveling from distant areas both in and outside the country. We take care of all the travel arrangements for them and set them up so they can have their procedure here and then go back at the appropriate time when they’re all recovered. Another package, called the Luxury Package, allows the patient to recover in a luxury environment and really be pampered at the same time. If you want more information about some of my unique packages, call my office and come in for a complimentary consultation.