It the past, cosmetic surgery procedures were considered to be primarily for women. However, plastic surgery for men is soaring in popularity. Dr. Greenberg can help you achieve a tighter abdomen, reduce the fatty pockets on your chest, provide hair transplants, and much more.

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Years ago cosmetic surgery was just for females, but so many guys are coming into my office for cosmetic surgery procedures. The most common procedures are such things like liposuction, typically abdomen, love handles, male chest reduction, eyelid lifts, nose jobs, and the newest hair transplantation, NeoGraft. A lot of guys do a combination of these procedures so we kind of package them together. Downtime is so minimal for most of these cosmetic surgery procedures so the guys can go back to their normal routine and to work very quickly. For instance, after liposuction the guys are typically going back to work in 24 hours. Same thing for a male chest reduction called gynecomastia. Gone are the days where the downtime is so extensive that they have to take off from work. Most of the guys have minimal downtime, minimal swelling, and really feel great about their results and about themselves so fast after these procedures. Technology has helped me get ever better results for the guys. The newest techniques in liposuction, like Smart Liposuction, allow for minimal downtime and better contouring. Many guys are even coming in for face lifts where they just want a little rejuvenation but looking natural and looking younger. A lot of guys tell me it even allows them to get better jobs and better opportunities because they’re competing now with the younger competition and looking better. If you’re interested in finding out more about cosmetic surgery in men, give my office a call and come on in for a complimentary consultation.