Dr. Greenberg is passionate about making the nose look natural following a rhinoplasty procedure. If you feel self-conscious about the shape and size of your nose, you may be a good candidate for the procedure. Stunning results can be achieved with very minimal recovery and downtime.

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One of the things about rhinoplasty or nose jobs, it’s natural is so important to me. I hate a nose that looks fake. So coming from me, I strive for that natural look. The best candidates for rhinoplasty are those patients maybe with a bump on the nose, a nose that sticks out too far, or a tip that’s kind of full. We can certainly fix any of those problems. This procedure is done in my office ambulatory surgery center, and patients go home right after surgery. Recovery is minimal. Patients have a splint on their nose for about five days. They may have some moderate black or blue and some swelling, but it’s really not a painful procedure at all. Often if a patient is having breathing problems I’ll fix the septum at the same time. But most important is that natural result and getting patients back to work and feeling great about themselves so fast. If you want more information about rhinoplasty, go to Greenberg Cosmetic.

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