Jackie is an aesthetician in Dr. Greenberg’s practice. She discusses the advanced technology in use at the practice, in addition to the various treatments offered. Personalized plans are created during consultations to help patients achieve their ultimate goals.

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Dr. Greenberg: My MedSpa here in my office is not only one of the most technologically advanced, we have every equipment that you can possibly imagine, and we’re always on the forefront so if something comes out in a laser technology or a noninvasive treatment, I look at it, evaluate it, and use it if it works. I want technology that works. Jackie: I’m one of Dr. Greenberg’s medical aestheticians. At the MedSpa we do a number of noninvasive procedures. The patients that come to us are very concerned with wellness. These days everybody wants to be healthy. They want their skin healthy, they want their body healthy, and we help them do that. We do a personalized consultation with everybody that comes to us. We use Visia Imaging to take before and after pictures, and we customize the treatments to tailor the patient’s goals and expectations for their skin. We let them know the different treatments that are available to them, what their options are, what the costs are, and we tailor the plan to meet their needs. We will provide recommendations for skin care to use at home to maintain the treatments. We do anything from HydraFacials which will hydrate the skin, chemical peels, we do non-ablative laser treatments which are really good for rejuvenating the skin, getting rid of any fine lines and wrinkles. We do Photofacials which reverse sun damage, getting rid of brown spots and broken capillaries. We always look forward to meeting new patients. If you need more information you can always call the spa or email us. We provide free consultations, and we’d love to see you at the spa.