Sharon shares her breast augmentation testimonial, along with reflections on her eyelid lift surgery. With the help of Dr. Greenberg and his staff, she had very little discomfort with minor bruising. Also, the scarring following the breast augmentation was minimal.

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I chose Dr. Greenberg because a number of my clients and friends had gone to him. They had a very good experience and their results were great. Once I came in and met him, I felt very safe, very comfortable and I moved forward in his office because I felt like he’d do the best job for me. I had my eyelids done and I had a breast augmentation with a lift. The recovery process was actually better than I had expected. I had very little discomfort, minimal bruising, and I was up and about the next day. I drove myself in the following morning for my follow-up. The staff helped me, walked me through every step of the process, any questions that I had, and Dr. Greenberg did answer most of my questions, but anything I called in with they were very helpful. They were very attentive. They were here. It was a really good experience. The scarring is a lot less than I had hoped for. You almost cannot tell that I had a lift, which is what I wanted. I have referred anyone that I could here. I really felt that it was the best place that anyone would go to get the result that they want. I’ve sent a number of friends and they’ve all been happy.