Patients who have lost excessive weight, or have excess skin that hangs underneath their arms, may be great candidates for an arm lift. Dr. Greenberg can remove the extra skin and help patients achieve tighter, more toned arms. The treatment is often combined with Smart Liposuction for the very best results.

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An arm lift is actually a very common procedure that I do in my practice. Patients come to me not only after just massive weight loss where they have extra skin on their arms, but just from genetics as well. It becomes very annoying to have extra floppy skin underneath the arms so patients want that removed. They want their arms to look toned and lean. An arm lift is a procedure that removes that extra skin and fat from the under part of the arm. I’ll often combine it with Smart Liposuction to give that really slimmed, toned look as well. There are some non-invasive procedures that we can do to help lift up the arm as well. Some of the non-invasive lasers also help tighten the skin and sometimes we don’t even have to operate on the patient to give a better cosmetic appearance on the upper arm. An arm lift is a procedure that’s done in my office ambulatory center and patients go home right away after surgery with minimal downtime. I usually encourage them to take two, maybe three days off from work. If you want more information about an arm lift, call my office and come on in for a complimentary consultation.